Kanagawa Arts Theatre, also known as KAAT, specializes in presenting various forms of performing arts such as plays, musicals, and dance. Main Hall seats 1,200 audience members and the theatre also houses three different sized studios (small, medium, and large) used for multiple purposes.

Three specific public services of KAAT

Artistic Creation

KAAT creates and produces theatrical works such as plays, musicals, and dance productions.

Training and Human Resource Development

KAAT provides training for theatre operational staff from various backgrounds, and we assist visitors to our facilities.

Local Community Contribution Activities

Through the presentation of performances, KAAT strives to create an environment that attracts people at all times. Also with other facilities in the area, such as JAPAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION YOKOHAMA STATION, KAAT contributes to enrich the cultural life of the local community.

Main Characteristics of Management at KAAT

  • KAAT plans, manages and produces theatrical works such as plays, musicals, and dance productions. KAAT also collaborates with other theatres, artists and artistic groups both from Japan and abroad, continuously introducing theatrical works with contemporaneousness.
  • As a regional theatre of Kanagawa prefecture, KAAT collaborates with other theatres and cultural and performing arts organizations within the prefecture.
  • As a public theatre, KAAT also develops staff to gain the knowledge and experience in theatre operation. The theatre also provides educational programmes in furthering the understanding and gaining extra knowledge in theatrical arts.
  • The facilities of KAAT have rental opportunities available to promoters and independent production companies.
  • The theatre is also available for extended periods, please contact the theatre for further details.
  • KAAT works in collaboration with Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, which is also managed by Kanagawa Arts Foundation. Kanagwa Kenmin Hall is located in close proximity from KAAT, seats 2,488 in Main Hall and 433 in Small Hall, and also provides gallery space for exhibitions.
  • KAAT is located in a popular tourism area surrounded by Yokohama Chinatown, Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery, and Yamashita Park. The area is also known for its legislative function of the prefecture with the administrative offices for Kanagawa Prefecture and the City of Yokohama situated in its vicinity.
      KAAT makes contributions to the local community through the arts in this unique location.
  • As Designated Administrator, Kanagawa Arts Foundation is in charge of the management and operation of KAAT, established by Kanagawa Prefecture.